Travel in luxury with the prestigious service that is a chauffeur, but with the added benefit of concierge too. This is exactly what is on offer with the Quintes business as well as with any of our other services too. From business to pleasure, our chauffeuring services are all arranged on your behalf, providing truly exceptional service to any of your journeys wherever you are in the UK.

Our highly experienced and esteemed chauffeurs offer a wide range of vehicles available to collect you and your party from any location. With various onboard facilities, multilingual drivers, and highly professional concierge services, you will travel like never before experiencing the true height of luxury.


Our ethos is centered around luxury for our clients and we offer only the most exquisite vehicles and experienced drivers, transporting you to any location required.

Organized to collect you from any location, this quality chauffeur service knows no bounds. Providing
transfers between flights, accommodation, events, or business, a chauffeur will truly transform your experience as you are catered for, to whatever suits best, all from the luxury of only the finest vehicles on the market.



Experience luxury in the outside world as well as in your vehicle as a concierge organizes every detail of your agenda without you lifting a finger.



Whether it is an event, appointment, social activity, or simply transportation, our concierge services ensure that every detail of your day is managed seamlessly on your behalf. From making bookings for you to organizing tickets, arranging your schedule, offering life admin, or selecting activities, our concierge operates seamlessly with your chauffeur to offer elegance and efficiency at every turn. We undertake every aspect of your schedule so that you can actually enjoy your journey and the things that matter the most.



We manage every aspect of your business day too. Everything from arranging meetings to contacting stakeholders and everything in between is all done for you, letting you spend your valuable time managing the things that really need your attention. Business has never been more efficient, all without you lifting a finger.

The service was incredible from beginning to end. Every single detail from travel arrangements to the champagne we ordered was as we wanted it all without even thinking about it. We will definitely be using again.

Jack Parson

I have never had a business trip handled better. Meetings, travel, hotels, all perfect for both me and my colleague. Excellent service through and through.


A dedicated, full-service chauffeur and concierge service for any business or personal occasion.

Whether it’s for day-to-day use, a special occasion, or simply business, we have the skills, experience, and expertise needed to chauffeur and organize in only the most professional quality standard.