Experience any event better than ever before through our dedicated event concierge services. Available across the UK, our events concierge services are equipped to handle and event requests without any stress, hassle or worry from our clients.

Covering everything from VIP parties, concerts, sporting events and shows through to stag & hen parties, birthdays, and everything in between, we are able to offer events like never before. Our team is able to handle every area of your event for you, from booking and access to transport, accommodation, catering and more, all in one expert service.


Any event begins with getting in the door. That’s why our event concierge services specialise in tickets and access as the first port of call.

Our event concierge services ensure that no matter what event you want to attend, we get you the access that you need without giving it a second thought. We take care of the entire booking process on your behalf, queuing or inquiring however necessary to make sure that you’re in the right place at the right time and providing you with all the info you need to enjoy whatever your event has to offer



We curate events from start to finishing, organizing every aspect on your behalf to give you the perfect experience every time you book


Transport shouldn’t get in the way of you enjoying any occasion. Our event concierge services include organizing transportation to and from the event if that is something you need. Whether it’s chauffeurs or flights, we’ll ensure that you have the transportation you need without giving it a second thought.


No matter what your event has to offer, our concierge is on hand to provide access to every aspect of it that you need. Whether you’re looking for backstage passes, front row seating, VIP areas or exclusive access, we curate your event to your specific requirements and ensure you are everywhere you want to be.

The service was incredible from beginning to end. Every single detail from travel arrangements to the champagne we ordered was as we wanted it all without even thinking about it. We will definitely be using again.

Jack Parson

I have never had a business trip handled better. Meetings, travel, hotels, all perfect for both me and my colleague. Excellent service through and through.


A dedicated, full service private flight package tailored to your every need.

Enjoy any event like never before all through the capable and experienced hands of our event concierge services. We cater to any event of any size anywhere, making sure every box is ticked and giving you the peace of mind you need to really enjoy the occasion.